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Adapting euro ⅜” tap connectors to uk ½”pipework

⅜">½"-tap-tail adapter
⅜” to ½” tap tail adapter to use with taps supplied with European tap tails.
hansgohe 70 tap and schematic
Hansgohe 70 tap and schematic

Fitting a tap with European ⅜” tap tails

So as a plumber and handyman the jobs I get asked to do can be varied and wide ranging as you can imagine, and sometimes the job throws up curve balls and presents you with something unexpected. I give you the Hansgrohe 50 focus tap. Now on the surface this may look just like an ordinary basin mixer tap, but when you take a closer inspection you’ll notice the flexible tap tails that are supplied look a little different. That’s because UK pipe sizes as some of you may or may not know are typically ½” feeding a bathroom basin tap; but this tap has a ⅜” connection typically used on the continent. “How’s that going to work?” I hear you cry! Well it just so happens there are ½” to ⅜” compression to male BSP adapters available to reduce the 15mm pipe connection down to fit the hoses, they are available from all good plumbers merchants, and worth stocking a few pairs just in case this problem pops up. Next time you visit your plumbers’ merchants ask about these fittings.



  1. a says:

    Does this screw directly on to the UK isolation valve? & does it need an olive or rubber washer on the top of UK isolation valve? thanks


    Hi. The 3/8 male end is threaded for the flexi tap tail to screw on to. The other end is half inch unthreaded. The idea is on that end you insert into an isolation valve and joint as you would normal ½” copper pipe. Compression with an olive.

  3. Paul Cooke says:

    Hi, effectively this is female against female though so you cannot use this adaptor with an isolation valve?
    It needs a male end to screw down into the isolation valve .. do these exist? Thank you

  4. Paul Cooke says:

    Fabulous, thank you. My plumber left the feeds high up but hopefully those will squeeze in.
    Much appreciated!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I got those from tool station and i put them into the isolation valve and tighten the compression nut on the isolation valve but they easily slide out and dont seen to tighten. Is this normal? Thanks

  6. Jason says:

    Hello, is it possible to adapt taps the other way round? In other words UK taps to European pipes? If so do you know what adapter I’d need to buy? Many thanks,

  7. Andy K says:

    OK, here’s my problem. Bought new hansgrohe monobloc tap ( from screwfix.. https://www.screwfix.com/p/hansgrohe-mysport-m-basin-mono-mixer/326fy ) with 1/2 ” (UK) female coupling at the end of the flexi tap tail. Now, rather than fitting directly onto a copper pipe with compression fitting, we have in the way a hansgrohe shut off angle valve (like this.. https://www.amazon.co.uk/hansgrohe-angle-valve-S-chrome/dp/B00C5TZ0NQ/ref=asc_df_B00C5TZ0NQ/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=232021940526&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=6136080799963988681&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=t&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1006864&hvtargid=pla-420894992374&th=1 ), with a 3/8 male coupling, fitted by our previous helpful plumber.
    Without replacing either tap, tails or valve, can you recommend a suitable chrome coupling? Thanks!

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