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Silicone sealing

Silicone sealing service

If you need a silicone sealing service then it’s likely that out of nowhere you’ve found a damp patch which has appeared on your kitchen ceiling or even worse a neighbour has come knocking on your door advising you of a leak that’s appeared on a ceiling below your bathroom. The chances are your sealant has failed around your bath edge or shower tray. There may be a chance that whoever sealed these areas originally used decorators caulking which isn’t water proof or mould proof, or covered your existing silicone with new silicone in the hope that this would remedy a previous leak. Both treatments are incorrect; to reseal all existing sealant must be removed and any residue thoroughly cleaned off plus any limescale deposits, the reason being that silicone can’t adhere to silicone, the surface must be clean, grease free and dry to achieve a watertight seal, if this treatment is applied correctly you can expect a long time without any fear of recurring damp patches downstairs.

Time guide

I usually find it takes around an hour and a half to deep clean and reseal a standard 1700 bath, silicone on stone tiles can take a lot longer as the silicone is much harder to remove and chemicals have to be used.