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Shelf fitting

Shelf fitting service

There are a few options to choose from when it comes to shelf fitting. Do you choose floated shelving, bespoke fitted shelving around a chimney breast, shelving inside an existing cupboard space or simply a very basic standard shelving system consisting of brackets and/or a height adjustable shelving upright to fit the shelves to. Some of the choice you make is really dependent on what substrate you are intending to fix the shelves to, if you choose a floated shelving system then you really need a solid brick wall to drill and fix to, especially if the shelves will carry any significant load. Bespoke fitted shelving looks great but there’s a lot more time involved making sure the shelves follow the angles of the walls closely and are a tight fit. Needless to say the good old fashioned standard length shelving with upright and/or bracket is by far the most flexible and cheapest option, with plaster board fixings they will take a decent amount of weight if you have this construction of internal wall.

Time guide

This really depends on the type of shelving you choose, a simple shelf, bracket and/or upright may take 30 mins to plan, drill, plug and fix. If you opt for bespoke fitted shelf you can expect a couple of hours per shelf as there will be some detailed setting out and cutting involved plus the planning, cutting, drilling, plugging and fixing of the wooden batten shelving supports.