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Wiring lights and switches

Wiring lights and switches, dimmers and pendents

Wiring lights and switches is usually a fairly straight forward affair. For the most part you may be looking to revamp the look of a room and replacing a plastic white switch for a chrome or brass plated switch is a fairly cost effective improvement to make. If your replacing a one way single gang switch to a dimmer then that’s easily done providing you don’t have to dim LED spot lights or compact fluorescent bulbs; if you do then a specialist dimmer switch will be needed which are available. Chandeliers are also very popular at the moment but be aware that quite often the pastes or crystals will need to be attached individually before the fitting is hung. This can take a considerable amount of time, so it’s always a good idea to check the assembly requirements of the fitting before you call in an electrician or handyman.

Please note: If you have any electrical requirements outside or in wet areas then you should seek the advice of a PART P qualified electrician who will be authorised to carry out the work.

Time guide

Wiring lights and switches especially replacing lamp holders and pendents can usually be replaced within half an hour, likewise for single gang one way dimmer switches. Multi gang, multi way switching units which need to be replaced should be done some a qualified electrician.