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Electric oven installations

Electric oven installations and decommissioning

I carry out electric oven installations, replacing old and faulty ovens with new. Sometimes I am asked if I repair ovens, and this I don’t do, but there are companies out there who repair ‘white goods’. If you have a more premium branded oven then the manufacturer will have engineers working for them who can repair the fault. Installations wise, for the most part, the oven will be hard wired in to a proprietry cooker switch, which in turn is wired into it’s own 45A circuit connected to your electrical consumer unit. The job involves isolating the supply and then the old cooker, which is usually secured by four screws on the front of the oven housing, can then be pulled out of the oven housing, disconnected and then the new oven connected. Finally the power can be restored and the new oven pushed back into it’s housing and re-secured.

Please note: If you have a gas oven or freestanding electric cooker with gas rings then you will need to consult a Gas Safety registered engineer to connect your gas to the appliance. This is to conform with current gas regulations and ensure the appliance is 100% safe in use.

Time guide

Electric oven installations can usually be carried out in 30 mins, it’s a fairly straightforward job.