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Emulsion painting walls

Emulsion painting; silk, softsheen and matt 

Emulsion painting of walls may seem like a straightforward job with little to consider apart from the choosing of the colour, but there are so many different emulsion paints to choose from. If you have fine cracks in your ceiling then you may want to consider a flexible emulsion which will cover hairline cracks. If you have heavy staining then you may want a specialist emulsion to help cover the stains. Then there’s the choice of silk, soft sheen, flat matt or matt. What would be the best option for the room in terms of ambient light and plaster finish quality? And if you you want to paint new plaster then there’s priming to consider prior to applying the emulsion. And also emulsion can vary in quality. So what’s the best emulsion to use? As you can see there’s a lot to consider with emulsion painting and good advice is always really important prior to slapping on that first coat.

Time guide

Every room is different and needs different treatment, as you may well of heard, decorating is all about the ‘prep’. To give you a rough idea a medium sized room with no wall filling and straight painting takes around 1.5 days to paint one coat on the ceiling and two coats to the walls.