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Burst pipe repairs and leaks

Burst pipe repairs, cold water thawing damage

Burst pipe repairs are frequently needed in the winter months as temperature plummet and cold water pipes, which haven’t been insulated, run a high risk of freezing. The damage occurs when the water freezes as the volume of water increases from it’s liquid state to solid. Surprisingly when frozen, water can expand up to 10%, and it’s only when the water turns to liquid again that you know there’s a problem. So all pipes under the floor at ground level should ideally be insulated and also pipes connecting any cold water storage tank and or central heating feed and expansion tank too as it can get pretty cold in your loft. The main obstacle with burst pipe repairs is access to the damaged pipe, especially if the flooring needs to be lifted, the repair itself is usually pretty quick and straightforward using a slip coupling or pipe repair hose.

Time guide

It really all depends on how accessible the area that needs to be worked in is, the repair itself can usually be carried out in 10-15 minutes but it’s getting to it that can quite often be time consuming.