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Plaster repairs

Plaster repairs and plasterboard

Plaster repairs might be needed if you’ve stripped some wallpaper, or ripped out something fixed to a wall and you find a big area of plaster comes away with whatever your removing from the wall. The common cause of this is dampness of the wall which, however slight, over time will cause the layer of boding to break down and lose it’s bond with the brick work. These types of plaster repairs can be straightforward enough to carry out, with one coat plaster now available to provide a quick drying bond and finish with one product. I can usually repair up to a meter square of blown plaster, any larger an area then you should contact a plasterer.

I can also repair dry lined plasterboard walls, there are certain products and a few techniques available to make a decent repair to small damaged areas. If you have extensive damage to a plasterboard wall which has been plaster skimmed then again you may want to consult a plasterer to carry out this type of repair.

Time guide 

It really all depends on how large the area/s are to be plastered, you may need a visit to determine the time and cost involved, but usually a small repair can be carried out within an hour.