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Kitchen cabinet repairs

Kitchen cabinet repairs and make overs

I can help renovate and or repair your kitchen cabinets and it’s actually a lot easier and cheaper than buying new kitchen cabinets in most cases. All kitchens conform to standard cabinet sizes unless the units are bespoke, so it’s quite straight forward to replace old doors with new and fix to the original carcasses. It’s also common for drawers to come off their runners and sometimes the draw bottoms fall out as well, replacement draws can be fitted with metal sides and thick chipboard bottoms to provide a long lasting repair solution. Sometime hinge fixings can come loose and kitchen cabinet repairs brackets can be used to repair this problem providing a solid repair which should be more reliable than the original fix.

Time guide

Kitchen cabinet repairs can vary in time depending on what is required, hinge repairs take half an hour per unit and up to a few hours to replace draw units.