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Wood painting; glossing

Wood painting, gloss, satinwood & eggshell

Wood painting is the most time-consuming part of decorating without doubt, but it’s the one job which really sets a room off. There are several finishes and types of wood paint; gloss and eggshell are probably the most well know but there’s also satinwood which is in between gloss and eggshell in terms of sheen. Spirit based paints are still very popular, tried and tested but acrylic paints are becoming more and more popular with the benefit of a whiter finish which doesn’t yellow over time which oil based paints suffer from. The other added benefit of acrylic wood paint is reduced drying times, typically dry and ready to re-coat in four to six hours. And also these paints are water based which means there’s less odour drying, and brushes can be cleaned in the sink.

Time guide 

It really all depends on how much wood you have to paint, typically a door takes around an hour with a light rub down and no filling or paint stripping prior to painting. Skirting in a medium sized room with preparation can take a couple of hours including masking.