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Door repairs Bromley area

Quite often in spells of very wet weather, a door, especially if made of softwood, can expand enough to fit too tightly against the door frame. If this has happened to your front or back door you will know how annoying it is to struggle to open and close the door each time you use it. The solution is to remove the door, lay it on a trestle and plane the offending edge with an electric plane, gradually removing a millimetre or two of wood per pass. The trick with planing a door is to avoid breakout at the end of the run which is common with planing the top and bottom edges of a door.

The other common repair is loose door handles. The issue with the area for fixings around the spindle is that once the lock has been cut in, especially if a mortise lock has been used, is that there isn’t a great depth of wood to screw into so the handles can come loose after a while.

Time guide

It depends on the weight of the door if it’s to be planed and the space available to carry out the work. I would usually allow 30 mins for this kind of repair. Door handles can be 30 minute to an hour job depending on how badly the holes fixing the screws have opened up.