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Ceiling stain removal

Ceiling stain removal and treatment

Ceiling stain removal will almost certainly be needed if you’ve experienced a leak from the upstairs bathroom. After the wet patch has dried out you’ll be left with some nasty brown watermarks, which, no matter how much emulsion you apply to it just keep reappearing. This is the nature of stains, emulsion just doesn’t cover them and nicotine and cooking oil are also major culprits of stubborn stains. If you have these kinds of stains and your planning on decorating your ceiling then you will have to treat the stains prior to applying the emulsion. There are several products on the market to treat stains, some are aerosol based and are ready to paint over with emulsion within 30 mins, others are in an oil based format with 24 hours drying time. Which ever solution you choose will come down to cost, time and odour as the aerosol based stain treatments are only suitable to use with adequate ventilation.

Time guide

It really all depends on the extent of the stain to be treated, but typically a 1 meter square water stain can be treated with aerosol stain treatment and will be covered and ready to paint over within the hour.