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Tap repairs and installations

Tap repairs and replacements

If you need tap repairs or whether you’re looking to replace your existing taps then that’s a job I can certainly assist you with. Taps come in two varieties depending on the type of control you desire; the quarter turn or the conventional screw down. The conventional screw down taps are more prone to dripping but are very easy to maintain, most of the time a new washer will stop a dripping tap. Quarter turn taps will operate for years without maintenance in soft water areas but in London limescale build up can cause the internal workings to wear or fail due to hard water deposits. Sometimes a clean with limescale remover can cure a run or drip, if this fails a replacement tap cartridge will be needed. The issue here is that there are tens of different types of ceramic disk cartridge and finding an exact match can prove difficult as the cartridge quite often need to be taken to a plumber merchants to find a match. In some cases a cartridge must be ordered; Franke cartridges are one such manufacturer.

Time guide

Washers can be replaced fairly quickly once the water feed has been isolated, if you have service valves then the job can be completed within 30 mins. Quarter turn taps will take the same amount of time to descale but if a descale fails to remedy the drip then a replacement may have to be ordered. 

Tap replacements can take approximately 1½ hours, and up to 3 hours for any mono block basin mixer that has a pop up waste supplied with the taps.