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Dishwasher and washing machine installations

Washing machine installations and dishwashers

Washing machine installations and dishwasher installations and can be a straightforward job providing the appliance to be installed is a being swapped for an existing appliance. This means you have all the necessary plumbing in place such as a cold water feed and standpipe or an adapted sink trap to accommodate the appliance waste pipe. However you may have bought a dishwasher where no previous dishwasher was installed, and in these cases some additional plumbing may need to be installed to accommodate the additional appliance. Most of the time it’s a fairly straightforward job to ‘tee’ off of the existing washing machine feed or mains supply connecting the kitchen tap to deliver a cold water supply to the appliance. The trap or ‘U-bend’ under your sink can then be fitted with an adapter or replaced with a trap with an additional waste inlet to accommodate the new waste outlet from the dishwasher.

Time guide

Most washing machine & dishwasher installations will take around 30 mins, if you need additional plumbing for a new installation then it may take a few hours depending on what’s required to install the additional pipework.