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Installing a gas boiler flue inspection hatch

flue inspection hatch installation
Stages of the installation of a gas safety inspection hatch

Gas flue inspection hatch installation for gas safety

Do you have a condensing gas boiler or planning to have your existing boiler replaced? Well, the chances are your boiler may be situated away from a wall in the center of a room. If this is the case and your flue is above ceiling level, or in this case boxed in, then your going to need a gas safety inspection hatch fitted. Why? Because carbon monoxide is being expelled through your boiler flue and that flue needs to be inspected regularly to make sure there are no breaks in any joints. If the flu became damaged and leaked gases unchecked then there could be a risk of fatality from carbon monoxide poisoning.

A safety hatch similar to the one I installed enables a Gas Saftey engineer to carry out checks to the flue during an annual service and inspection to comply with Gas Saftey regulations. This particular hatch had to be installed using an angle grinder to cut through the existing tiles to provide the opening for the hatch and then a wall board saw to cut out the plasterboard underneath where the tiles had been removed. The hatch was then stuck to the face of the tiles with silicone.