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Stop valve repairs, servicing and fitting

Stop valve repairs and installations

Quite often a leaking or inoperable stop valve will go largely unnoticed as this valve is one of the most neglected and unused valves in the home. Stop valve repairs are usually needed when you use the valve after a long period of time and limescale has worked it’s way into the mechanism and the control can’t be turned, the packing has come loose and it’s leaking or the washer has deteriorated inside the valve and the stop valve won’t turn off properly. The main fault on these valves is that they leak from the packing gland where the spindle enters inside the body of the stop valve. This repair is fairly straightforward and can usually be performed without turning the mains supply of water off. If the stop valve will no longer turn off fully then a replacement will usually need to be fitted, especially if no isolation valves and service valves are fitted to the various water feeds in the home.

Time guide

If the valve is leaking then most stop valve repairs can be carried out within half an hour, if the valve has failed and it needs to be replaced then this repair can take an hour to two hours as your house supply will need to be turned off from the street.