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Cold water tank repairs

Water tank repairs and servicing

if you have a cold water storage tank to feed your cold water appliances then the chances are that this tank may not of been inspected in a while as most cold water storage tanks are situated in the loft well out of everyday view. The first sign of a problem may be that you notice a constant drip from an overflow pipe situated quite high up under the soffits of your roof. For the most part this may not cause any damage as the overflow may well trickle onto a roof area below and into a gutter somewhere, however sometimes this leak can cause damp problems if water is constantly trickling down an outside wall and really needs to be treated.

The solution to this issue is that you need a new float valve or filling valve as the existing valve is no longer shutting off the cold water supply and the access water is draining away through the overflow pipe.

Time guide

Most water tank repairs aren’t particularly time consuming and should take around 30 mins to complete. If the cold water storage tank is in a particularly difficult location to access in your loft which hasn’t been boarded out, or you have no internal stop valve to cut off the water supply then this repair can take longer.