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Fused spur wiring

Fused spur wiring, fused connection unit installations

Fused spur wiring is necessary when you have an appliance with a permanent electricity supply, such as a boiler, shower pump or cooker extractor fan, that may need servicing from time to time. The fused ‘spur’ or ‘connection unit’ enables the appliance to be isolated from the electricity supply without having to turn off an residual current device or ‘breaker’ at your consumer unit. Basically it allows safe working conditions with the appliance without interrupting any other electrical devices in the home. Fused spurs come in switched and un-switched formats.
The fused spur wiring will involve spurring from the 32A ring main or 16A lighting circuit to provide the electricity supply for the fused spur. The unit can then be wired up to the IN terminals and LOAD terminals with an appliance flex connecting from the unit to the appliance. It is also important to add earthing  sheaths to the bare 2.5/1.5mm earth wire on the IN earth terminal. 

Time guide

This work follows the same time guide as it would to install an electrical socket but with an extra half an hour to wire the connections to the appliance as an approximation.