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Blind fitting

Blind fitting and curtain pole fixing

A common job I’m asked to carry out for customers is blind fitting or curtain pole fixing and for the most part this is usually a fairly straightforward job although sometimes there can be issues with the fixings especially in ex-local authority flats or houses. The reason for this is that 60’s local authority housing constructors specified a lot of concrete for lintels above windows which can prove difficult to drill into unless an SDS drill is used with variable hammer settings. Handheld drills just don’t have the power in the hammer setting to drill into concrete and quite often you will see strips of plywood stuck above a window, and the curtain pole or blind is screwed to that piece of wood. Using an SDS drill it’s a lot easier to get a decent fixing drilled in these circumstances, if you have UPVc windows with fascias all around then these can be screwed into if necessary, however I try to fix elsewhere if at all possible.

Time guide

The longer the blind or curtain pole the more time consuming as a rule, a single blind fitting can take 20-45 minutes but as mentioned previously if there’s any concrete to fix into then the time to complete the job can increase further.