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12v lighting transformer wiring

12v lighting transformer wiring for low voltage lamps

If you have low voltage MR16 spot light lamps in your home then these lamps will most likely be powered by low voltage transformers. This lighting system is dated now, but it means that if your light stops working and it’s not the bulb then it’s almost certainly a transformer which has blown. The 12v lighting transformer wiring consists of removing the lamp holder, pulling out the faulty transformer and replacing with a new transformer. The repair is a fairly straightforward one as transformers are relatively widespread and easy to buy. If you find you have a lot of 12v transformers in your property then it may be worth considering switching over your lighting to GU10 LED lamps as typically these lamps draw around 4w as apposed to 35/50w and can be wired directly into the lighting circuit without the need for a transformer.

Time guide

12v lighting transformer wiring usually takes around half an hour per transformer but this is access dependent.