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Tile repairs and regrouting

Tile repairs and re-grouting service

Maybe over time you’ve noticed a damp patch appearing on the other side of the wall from your shower; this could well be a sign that your grouting and tile adhesive has failed due to the fact that water has been creeping into the joints and getting behind the tiles slowly breaking down the bond of the tile adhesive and trapping moisture behind the tiles. When this happens the water has nowhere to evaporate and starts to penetrate into the plaster and brickwork behind the tiles, if this continues unchecked eventually the tile or tiles will become loose and fall off of the wall, but hopefully you’ll have some spare tiles or manage to save the loose ones before they fall away from the wall and smash. Usually tile repairs such as this involve simply cleaning off the old defective tile adhesive from the wall and the back of tile and just re-adhere using a waterproof tile adhesive and grout. If you have plasterboard walls and this problem has occurred then you may have to consider removing all the affected plaster board and tiles and then re-board the wet area with Aqua panel which is water proof, tile and re-grout. This can be a costly job if your bathroom hasn’t been lined with Aqua panel to start off with.

Time guide

This job can take anywhere from an hour up to a couple of days it really depends on the type of wall construction you have and the extent of the damage.