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Wiring electrical sockets

Wiring electrical sockets, one and two gang

Wiring electrical sockets can involve one or two gang installations typically for one or two plugs. If you have the conventional plastic sockets then chrome or brass alternatives can improve the look of a room and add a touch of class. A one gang or two gang socket requires the same amount of wiring as each other, as one 2.5mm phase, earth and neutral wire supplies the electricity to the socket. Extra sockets can be installed by ‘spurring’ or chaining the supply from one socket to another, the only requirement is that the socket the spur is wired from is nearby.

If your wiring electrical sockets into a plaster board wall then the wiring can be run inside of the wall relatively easily; if your wiring electrical sockets and installing into a brick wall then some chasing of the wall and cold chiseling of the socket is required which can be time consuming. In addition the new wiring would need to be trunked in a conduit to enable to wiring to be easily removed at a later date.

Time guide

Wiring electrical sockets in plaster board directly above another would involve 1-2 hours work approximately, if your installing a new socket into a solid brick wall then the installation can take a lot longer and a site survey would be required.